AOC C24G1 Monitor Review

The AOC C24G1 is a 24-inch gaming monitor designed for gamers who want a responsive gaming panel without compromising too much on picture quality. Much like the Samsung CFG70 we reviewed in early 2018, this panel uses Vertical Alignment (VA) technology to deliver the best of both worlds – superb contrast ratio, good picture quality and fast response time – but with some limitations.


The AOC C24G1 has a 1800R curvature, in addition to a three-sided borderless design that looks exquisite on your desk, especially the thin bezels. It looks identical to the larger 27-inch AOC C27G1 and will take almost the same amount of space on your desk.

It is supported by a triangular stand that raises the display by 130mm and provides -4° to 21.5° of tilt and 34° of swivel adjustments. It also provides for VESA mounting on a stand or wall, as it comes with 100 x 100mm VESA mounting holes.

On looks, the case is black and red, with a familiar aggressive gamer aesthetic – something most gamers will appreciate as they are buying something for play, and it needs to have the looks.

The OSD control buttons can be accessed via the lower-right edge, whereby you can adjust the panel’s response time, select the color profile and enable AOC’s Bright Frame Feature, through which you can manually adjust the brightness and contrast ratio among other settings.

Connectivity comes via a VGA port, DisplayPort 1.2 and two HDMI 1.4 ports. It lacks a USB hub and speakers, but if you want to really have your audio via the monitor, you can do it via your headphones into its 3.5mm jack.

AOC C24G1 front

Image Quality

The monitor uses a curved Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) VA panel, with an exciting 3,848:1 contrast ratio and 1ms refresh rate. The AOC C24G1 achieves near-perfect accuracy on sRGB mode, with a 95.8% sRGB gamut coverage, which is quite impressive.

On this, the AOC matches the Samsung CFG70 that achieves 99.6% sRGB color gamut coverage. However, both panels look washed out when compared with class-leading IPS panels like the Acer XF270HUA, but for the price it’s still a good deal. There exist a few differences between the AOC and Samsung monitor: while the C24G1 gets perfect contrast ratio, the CFG70 gets around 2,501:1, still a good value compared to IPS panels that struggle to achieve half that figure.

AOC C24G1 ports

Gaming Performance

You’re buying a gaming monitor, and its performance is rather a mixed bag. If you’re a pro-gamer, you’ll want to set the monitor’s response time to Boost mode, which might lower the visuals making you squint to pick finer details, so we’d recommend setting the response time to Strong, although it might be a bit sluggish during intense gaming.

Modern Triple-A titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will load a bit slowly, but it’s the same experience you get with the Samsung CFG70, meaning both monitors aren’t suited for competitive gaming outside the fastest setting, and with the AOC being super dim, it isn’t the best option for most pro-gamers.

On the plus side, no matter the overdrive setting you choose, there aren’t any signs of inverse ghosting or excessive impact on the input lag. The monitor’s 144Hz and 1ms response rate make for butter smooth gaming, and with AMD’s FreeSync technology built-in, you’ll enjoy tear-free gaming with compatible AMD graphics card.

If you’re using a PC with an Nvidia graphics card, you’ll have to use V-Sync to eliminate tearing. However, I won’t sacrifice the panel’s responsiveness for a better visual experience, as V-Sync adds lots of unwanted input lag. Still, you’ll be able to run the monitor in Full HD at 144Hz.

Bottom Line

The AOC C24G1 is a great gaming monitor that has a lot going for it: a fast 144Hz panel, 1ms fresh rate, good contrast ratio excellent color reproduction and great bezel-less design. However, its peak brightness isn’t the best around, especially when compared to the Samsung CFG70, which outshines it in every response time mode. Still, for the price, this would be ideal midrange gaming monitor you’re looking for.

Is there a better option?

The AOC’s VA technology delivers stunning contrasts that outstrips rivals, but those impressive figures are held back by color accuracy, temperature and uniformity that’s worse than rivals. You also miss out on speakers and USB ports with this screen.

The Samsung CFG70 offers better color accuracy for around the same price, making is a better choice overall. The ViewSonic XG2402 isn’t curved but it is a better all-round gaming screen, and the AOC X24P1 is a better option for general purpose use.

Should you buy it?

Maybe. If you’re not much into pro-gaming at the highest settings, the AOC C24G1 is a great choice. If you prize image quality or other features, the ViewSonic XG2402 is an excellent gaming monitor.

AOC C24G1 Monitor Review
AOC C24G1 Monitor Review
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