Brewberry Milk Frother and Warmer Review

You love that cappuccino cup but it is quite expensive if you were to go out and get some from a coffee shop every single day, which gives you a good reason why you should make your own at home. You may have many traditional options of making the cappuccino but it won’t be equivalent to what Brewberry Milk Frother and Warmer has to offer.

No need to run out to the local coffee shop for a specialty crafted coffee. The Brewberry electric milk frother lets you have coffee shop quality drinks in your own home. Create cappuccinos, lattes or just spice up your usual coffee with some added froth. Crafted from high quality stainless steel, this coffee Frother combines durability with a stylish look. Perfect for home or professional use.


  • Easy setup
  • Nonstick interior
  • Excellent milk foam
  • Nice build quality


  • If you don’t cap this thing well, it will overflow

The auto-frother heats about 1 cup (8.5 oz. /250 ml.) of milk at a time, perfect for serving yourself or your family. For frothing, use half that amount (4.25 oz. /125 ml.) because the milk will double in volume as it foams

This is set up with a base unit that the top sits on when you use it. There’s also a clear lid so you can see your progress so you can stop when ready. The indicator light too will let you know when it’s done so that you can have your cappuccino.

Brewberry Milk Frother & Heater

It has a power base with a cord that is approximately 32 inches long, two different whisk, and a transparent lid with silicone ring and of course, the stainless steel jug itself. The only thing that is attached to a cord is the power base. There is flexibility to take the jug anywhere and not be connected to a cord.

We also like how you have the option to heat and froth milk as well as just froth cold milk. There are two interchangeable whisk that does each job separately. Another smart designing feature is that you can actually store the whisk that you are not using under the lid. This prevents the tiny whisk from getting lost.

It only takes a few minutes before you can sit back and relax with a delicious beverage of your choice. To heat and froth milk it takes about 90 seconds and 65 seconds to froth cold milk. Heat milk in about 130 seconds. The indicator light will let you know once frothing or heating is complete. Cleaning milk jug is just as easy as using it! The non-stick coating inside ensures that there will be no scraping to clean frother.

What we liked about it

  • It has stainless steel exterior which maintains the contents temperature.
  • It is also very modern looking.
  • You can use his machine to help make so many different drinks. Example you can use it to help compliment some affogato (ice cream and espresso).
  • Its design fits into any modern, simplistic apartment décor
  • Easy setup
  • Nonstick interior
  • Excellent milk foam
  • Nice build quality
  • Fantastic price, it’s an economic alternative to other frothers out there
  • It can froth up any kind of milk. This is last on the list but almost the most positive pro of them all

What we didn’t like

  • The only issue we have with it which might not be an issue to some is that the rubber band that surrounds the top doesn’t come off so u can wash it.
  • If you don’t cap this thing well, it will overflow

Brewberry Milk Frother and Warmer – Verdict

This is such a handy appliance to have in your kitchen. Especially if you drink a lot of coffee or Lattes or hot cocoa. If you like making lattes and don’t have any way to make your foam, you will probably love this gadget. You can use the espresso machine to steam your milk and make milk frother for tea lattes, hot chocolate for kids when it starts cooling off and make matcha tea.

The frothing whisk makes a lot of froth which we think is great but our take is to use the minimal amount of milk for the first time around to get used to how much froth it makes for your subsequent latte’s and cappuccino’s

We’d recommend this for anyone who desires an ideal milk frother at a very reasonable price. This is a must have for any espresso connoisseur.

The quality is what we would expect at this price point and there it is. The machine is very simple to use. You can froth with or without heat. The buttons on the machine are self-explanatory. It is very easy to clean as long as you do it immediately after use. If you you’re deep into cappuccino, the Brewberry Stainless Steel Premium Automatic Milk Frother and Warmer is a safe buy.

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Brewberry Milk Frother and Warmer Review
Brewberry Milk Frother and Warmer Review
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