CES 2022: The World’s Largest Tech Expo

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When it finally kicks off on January 5, CES 2022 will bring us many new devices from all the major companies in the industry. We’re looking forward to some cutting-edge TV technology in our living rooms from the likes of LG, Samsung, and Sony, as well as new laptops, desktops, smartphones, wearables, home smart devices, and more. 

However, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), this year’s event will end a day early “as an additional security measure” due to concerns about the Omicron variant of COVID-19. As a result, the CTA announced that the last day of the conference is now set for January 7, 2022. 

Even with big participants such as Amazon, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Google canceling their physical presence at CES 2022, the show’s organizer – the CTA – remains committed to still being in Las Vegas on January 5. 

That said, here is what to expect at this year’s event. 

ces phones

Phones at CES 2022

CES may not be a big stage for phones coming out this year – there’s usually Mobile World Congress (MWC), that happens in February – but a few brands opt to debut some new handhelds at the first big annual show. That includes some flagship devices, mostly mid-range and budget phones, as companies save their heavy hitters for MWC.

This year, we expect Samsung and TCL to have several mobile devices on display if previous CES events are anything to go by. We predict that we may be seeing pricier Samsung mid-range devices, like follow-ups to the Samsung Galaxy A52 and Samsung Galaxy A72, as well as a possible release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. For TCL, we may be seeing the first batch of devices in the TCL 30 lineup, with others lined up later in the year. 


TVS at CES 2022

Bigger. Brighter. Better Contrast. More pixels. It sounds pretty simple when you put it down like that, but in reality, those are the four traits every TV maker in the whole world is looking at right now. For a while now, bigger screens have been a popular trend at CES, and we’ve seen some truly super-sized models going upwards of 90 inches. Crossing that barrier will not be easy – and it will be expensive – but it’s just a few more days before we see affordable 100-inch TVs. 

 In terms of brightness and contrast, we’re looking at the possibility of new Mini LED TVs to push the score on both fronts. SO far, we have a few models from LG and Samsung released last year in the form of the Samsung QN90A QLED TV and LG QNED99, and both blew us away.

Also, some rumors are floating around about what would be next for display technologies – holographic and transparent TVs. Still, we’ll have to sit back and wait until we get to Vegas to find out what the big three manufacturers have in store for this year’s CES event. 

CES 2022: How to Register

Registration for CES 2022 is currently available to the consumer technology industry now at the CES website. The CTA plans to charge a $300 fee in terms of cost. This fee will apply primarily to attendees, including retailers, but journalists and analysts with credentials will be exempt like in past years. 


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