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DALSTRONG Knife Set Block Review

Kitchens are fast evolving, with tech gadgets that can do almost everything –from automated cooking of meals to scheduled washing of utensils. However, knives still persist as the only utensil that hasn’t been automated. Not that we don’t have electric choppers for the kitchen, but the same old and familiar knife still has space on our shelves. The DALSTRONG Knife Set Block is an 8-set of knives that proves time and again that knives are here to stay.

Included in the 8-piece set:

  • (1) Chef Knife (8″)
  • (1) Santoku Knife (7″)
  • (1) Bread Knife (9″)
  • (1) Carving/Slicer (9″)
  • (1) Utility Knife (6.5″)
  • (1) Serrated Utility Knife (6″)
  • (1) Paring Knife (3.5″)
  • (1) Gladiator Series Honing Steel (8″)
  • (1) Wooden storage block

DALSTRONG Knife Set Block


The knives are made from high-carbon steel, with hand-polished serrated edges just like most chef knives in the market. For a knife, it is never about how sharp or luxurious it looks. Rather, in choosing a knife you need to look at the material and the quality of the handle as it determines the accuracy of your chops.

For that, DALSTRONG uses black pakkawood for the handles, and includes three rivets for comfort and agility while preparing meals in the kitchen. Each knife in the block set is engineered to perfection with signature tapered blades that are hardened and flexible, for hassle-free slicing.


For safety in the kitchen, and to maintain a sharp edge, knives should be stored loose in a cutlery drawer away from blunt surfaces. When buying a set, you get a bonus of a safe storage block made of wood, stainless steel or sometimes tempered glass. For this set, you have a wood block that helps you keep a keen edge on your blocks, and it makes for an appealing addition to your kitchen countertop.

Ease of use and maintenance

This gladiator set holds handsome knives that come with precise, sharp edges that seem to hold sharpness well. All knives have great balance between the handle and the blades, something you only experience with professional sets that cost more. For instance, the cutting edges have a 16-degree edge, which is much better than the 20-degree edges you’d find on most traditional knives. The knives are easy to clean thanks to the high-carbon German steel used for the blade and the stain resistant ergonomic handles with a full tang for extra strength.

That said, for any knife to maintain the sharp blade and functional handles storage and careful use is expected than anything else. Of course, the handles are resin resistant and the blades made of steel, but the way you store the knives will determine durability and reliability. As always, best practice is to clean the knives after use, and store them safely away from dripping water, more preferably on the storage wooden block.


DALSTRONG Knife Set Block

We liked

  • The sharp, quality, wear-resistant blades
  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable use in the kitchen
  • A full tang increases the quality and usability
  • High quality laminated pakkawood handles
  • A nice-looking wooden storage block
  • All knives are triple riveted for safety and durability

We didn’t like

  • Not easy to pull out a knife while the wooden block is under cabinet
  • The sharpening steel if fairly short
  • Not dish washable (most knives aren’t, sadly)

Bottom Line

For the price of the DALSTRONG Knife Set Block, you sure to get a lot of bang for your buck. Each of the gladiator knives in the 8-piece set is made from high-carbon steel that will last for long if maintained well, and the ergonomic handles are comfortable and allow for dexterity during use, with a taper grind edge for an even easier re-sharpening experience.

Most importantly, this set has everything for the homeowner who needs to coop up almost everything, ranging from a slicer, utility knife to a steak knife. What else would you want in a knife set? And, while previously you might have to rummage your entire cabinets, they’re now all available in one place.

DALSTRONG Knife Set Block Review
DALSTRONG Knife Set Block Review
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