De’Longhi KBO1401R Electric Kettle Review

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The De’Longhi KBO1401R Icona Electric Kettle, in bright red although it also comes in other color forms, is a unique and attractive kettle with stylish chrome accents and a high-glass finish. It’s powerful enough to easily heat as much water as is can hold. Handy features such as an anti-scaling filter, easy-to-see water level indicator, and removable lid all help with producing the best drink, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort.

Easily heat water for your tea, coffee or other beverage with this De’Longhi KBO1401R 1.7L electric kettle that features a flat, stainless-steel concealed element for optimal performance.

Its main features include: anti-scale filter and capacity of up to 57.5 ounce. The Kettle easily detaches from the 360-degree swivel base for cord-free pouring alongside a removable lid for quick and easy filling. It also has a conveniently located water-level indicator for easy viewing.

Product Highlights

  • Water level indicator conveniently located on the back of the kettle for easy viewing
  • Removable and washable anti scale filter
  • 5 oz. capacity electric kettle
  • Unique high-gloss finish with chrome detailing
  • Kettle easily detaches from the 360° swivel base for cord-free pouring
  • Removable lid for quick and easy filling
  • Flat stainless steel concealed-element in non-slip base
  • 3-level safety protection
  • Cord storage

We liked

  • The kettle includes a built-in water-level indicator with a quick glance under the handle
  • Washable Anti-Scale Filter for easy cleaning
  • The built-in automatic shut-off mechanism prevents the kettle from boiling over or overheating.
  • The non-slip feet on the kettle’s base offer additional security, keeping the unit from sliding around or scratching your
  • Has Detachable swivel base.
  • The cut off works well enough and is quite quiet, not the usual “clunk” that you get with some models once the water boils.

What we didn’t like

  • This is quite a heavy kettle, even when empty, also for those who are used to more of a straight design
  • Because of the bulbous shape you really do have to tip this a long way over to empty it when boiling a small quantity of water.

Our opinion

The De’Longhi KBO1401R Electric Kettle is a great item. Retro look, red color looked very nice. When you pour water it comes out in nice smooth way without dripping around. Base is steady and it sits on easy. Heats water up very fast and keeps water temperature for long time. Only that we wish the water level indicator was larger, but it is still a recommendable choice for your home or office.

De’Longhi KBO1401R Electric Kettle Review
De’Longhi KBO1401R Electric Kettle Review
$15.99 $26.99
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