Fiskars Hedge Shears Review

Give your yard a face lift with these 23-inch Fiskars Hedge Shears. This tool is lightweight and the easy-grip handles are made of a durable nylon/fiberglass composite material. They feature a patented gear system that increases cutting power and reduces the strain on your hands and wrists. The stainless steel shears are rust-resistant and have a low-friction coating that prevents sap and debris from sticking to the blades.

Product Highlights

  • Friskers Power Gear Hedge Shears With 9 Inch Cutting Length Power-lever mechanism increases leverage to make cutting 3X easier than single-pivot shears
  • DuraFrame handles are stronger than steel yet lightweight for easy use.
  • Corrosion resistant, non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make cutting easier
  • These shears are ideal for trimming and shaping hedges and decorative shrubs
  • Patented PowerGear non-circular gearing mechanism multiplies force to make cutting three times easier than single-pivot tools
  • Razor-sharp, precision-ground blades cut with less resistance, and a low-friction, rust-resistant blade coating makes every cut even easier.
  • The tool’s overall length is 22-inches.
Fiskars Hedge Shears Review

Newly redesigned and improved profile, the advanced design of the PowerGear Hedge Shears makes cutting easier while reducing hand fatigue. It features patented PowerGear gearing mechanism to multiply your cutting force near the middle of the cut where resistance is greatest. This makes cutting three times easier than single-pivot hedge shears.

Razor-sharp, precision-ground blades stay sharp, and a rust-resistant, low-friction coating makes every cut even easier. In addition, the DuraFrame handles are stronger than steel but still light to make the hedge shears easier to grip, carry and maneuver when cutting at awkward angles. PowerGear Hedge Shears include a lifetime warranty.

Our Opinion

Most often we choose the right tool for the wrong use, choosing the right tool for the right job is critical for you to get value for your money. Fiskars 23 Inch PowerGear Hedge Shears (9189.) is great for manual edge trimming at home. This might not be the very best for heavy works only that we can recommend Fiskars 32-Inch PowerGear Bypass Lopper which can give you up to 2 inches cutting diameter.

This tool may be pricier than other hedge shears, but it isn’t in the same price range as the Husqvarna 455 chain saw, making it a great choice for simple hedge-trims at home. It is well worth the extra money, especially if you do a lot of your own manual hedge-trimming. Because of the “power gear” feature, it requires very little effort to cut through even very thick hedge branches. The comfortable design and the fact that the shears do most of the work for you make this a great item.

Fiskars Hedge Shears Review
Fiskars Hedge Shears Review
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