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GreenWorks 25022 Review

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The GreenWorks 25022 is an electric-powered lawn mower, that packs a variety of useful features, but remains affordable than most of its competitors. It has a wide cutting deck, grass clipping management with multiple options, a range of height adjustment options, and is powerful enough to cut through dense patches of grass.

  • An extra wide cutting deck
  • Three-option clippings management
  • Seven Height Adjustment Levels
  • Limited power cord radius
  • Might trip circuit breakers

Spring is always marked with suburbs buzzing with the sounds of lawns being mowed. However, with the climatic changes, are demanding a manicure, the season notwithstanding. Some of us are doing it after every fortnight, others even sooner. For that, the need for a reliable and long-lasting lawn mower can’t be ignored.

GreenWorks 25022

In the same spirit, folks are moving from gas-powered mowers to electric-powered mowers, that tend to be quiet and more efficient. Take for instance, the GreenWorks 25022, a plug-in electric lawn mower with a twenty-inch-wide cutting deck. That width, is bigger than what you get from most similarly priced electric lawn mowers, and it’s comparable from what you’d get from many gas powered lawn mowers. To that, it adds a couple of excellent features that make it one of the better electric lawn mowers available today.


When buying a lawn mower, storage is one aspect most of us tend to consider. The GreenWorks is designed to be compact enough, meaning it will easily find space in your garage, tool shade or anywhere in your yard. Even with the compact design, it has a 20-inch wide cutting deck, which reduces the number of trios you have to make in order to clear your yard. In fact, it is the widest you can find in the market today.

You get three grass clippings options: discharge on the side of the mower, gather them in a rear bag for later disposal, or mulch them back into the soil to serve as manure for the lawn. Even with the convenience, the drive system is you, you’ll have to manually push it around, which won’t be an issue with the 100-foot radius from the nearest power source. It uses a push button for starting, which is better than a gas-powered mower that won’t start reliably each time you need to use it.

GreenWorks 25022 Copy


The GreenWorks 25022 does excel in many areas, some that push it to the top as a solid electric mower that will keep your lawn trim all summer long. Talk of the wide cutting deck, that lets you finish in just a few passes, good grass clippings options, height adjustability and even quiet operation. Let’s derive deeper into each of these features.

An extra wide cutting deck: As a first timer, I once bought a lawn mower with a narrow cutting deck, oblivious of the passes I needed to clear a small yard. Over time, I realized that I was spending more time and gas on a small yard, indeed a painful lesson. This lawn mower gets an extra wide cutting deck, at 20-inches, you’ll be done trimming a mid-size lawn in just a few passes. That means less time, and of course less power consumed. As it happens, you never have the whole evening cutting the lawn, and I you have a family, the lesser time you spend on the job the better. With a twenty-inch-wide cutting deck, you’ll be done sooner that you think, it beat the industry average of 16 inch cutting deck.

Three-option clippings management: In most cases, budget lawn mowers tend to skimp on some features, especially when it comes to clipping management. Look around and you’ll realize that grass clippings management is classified as an optional feature, or a standalone accessory sold separately. The GreenWorks 25022 comes with the in-house options: can use the standard side discharge, use the mulch kit to chop the clippings into fine pieces, or collect the clippings in the rear bag for disposal. All this at no extra cost.

Seven Height Adjustment Levels: For the perfect manicure, you need to cut your lawn appropriately, based on the season. This lawn mower offers seven height options, ranging from 1 ½ inches to 3 ¾ inches, giving you a wide scope of options, that ensure that you give your lawn the best-possible cut.

Quiet and environmentally friendly: Gas powered mowers tend to be noisy, and you can’t miss the buzzing in most suburbs, and the emissions aren’t exceptional, either. For an electric mower, the motor runs quietly, meaning that you can do it early morning without disturbing anyone in the neighborhood.

Compact and easy to store: This isn’t a motor driven mower, you’ll have to push it as you make passes on the lawn. This is where the lightweight profile comes handy, while the compact design ensures that it can be easily stored in your garage, tool shed or underneath garden equipment.

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The excellent features notwithstanding, this mower does have a few downsides, but they aren’t deal breakers as such.

Limited power cord radius: the usability of a plug-in electric mower extends to as far as the extension cord can go. In this case, you have a radius of 100 feet around any outlet, which can be quite limiting. But, you can purchase a long cord if you have a fairly large lawn. Additionally, the mower may occasionally trip circuit breakers, especially those designed not to hold over 12 amps, although most modern circuit breakers are designed to hold up to 16 amps.

Might be bogged by wet, tough grass: It isn’t the most powerful mower around. Depending on the variety of grass on your yard, it might have issues cutting the tough grass, especially the St Augustine or Bermuda varieties, and it can get bogged by very tall grass.


If you’re making a transition from gas powered to electric lawn mowers, the GreenWorks 25022 has most (if not all) of the features you’re looking for. It has a wide cutting deck, grass clipping management with multiple options, a range of height adjustment options, and is powerful enough to cut through dense patches of grass. The relive importance of each of these features is something you really need to consider before making a purchase.

Most of its competitors like the Sun Joe MJ401E and BLACK+DECKER EM1500 skimp on one or two features, especially on clippings management, and that serves to the GreenWorks’ advantage.

That said, it may not be the best lawn mower for a commercial-scale use, like a park or an extra-large lawn, due to the short power cord. But if all you need is a reliable, affordable lawn mower for a small yard, the GreenWorks 25022 is a value buy worth considering.

GreenWorks 25022 Review
GreenWorks 25022 Review
$89.00 $99.99
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