Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Can Opener Review

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The Hamilton Beach 76606ZA can opener is an appliance you don’t have to ignore. Even if you’re an expert in the kitchen or you’re just learning the ropes, you need lots of kitchen tools to make a great meal. From quality cookware to utensils for serving and dining, your kitchen needs to be well-stocked for any type of meal, whether it’s a simple casserole or a homemade gourmet dinner.

One of the tools that you need is a, can opener, which allows you to quickly open canned meats, veggies, and fruits for immediate consumption or to add to your favorite recipes. While manual can openers work fine for this purpose, they are no match for electric can openers. The Hamilton 76606ZA can opener is a good example for the type of can you should have.

You can open any can with ease with this sleek, Hamilton Beach 76606ZA can opener. This stylish kitchen essential makes it easy to open up almost any type of can with just a push of a lever. The ergonomic can opener can open both regular and pop-top cans without sharp edges. It’s designed with a large, easy-touch opening lever, so you can load, open and remove cans from the unit in mere seconds.

It features a unique side-cutting system that removes the lids without the rims, making lids much easier and safer to handle, without sharp or jagged edges that can cause injuries. The Hamilton Beach can opener has a striking, modern chrome and black design. Its compact size will fit easily on any kitchen counter, as well as in drawers and in cabinets. To keep the unit clean, simply wipe down with a soft cloth.

Unlike most can openers, the Hamilton Beach Smooth can opener is designed so the blade cuts along the side and not into the top of the can. This minimizes the blades contact with food and prevents splashing or seeping out from the top since the can remains closed until you lift the lid. The result is a mess-free, smooth cut that allows you to remove the top without worrying about sharp edges along the lid.

The large ergonomic lever is easy for anyone to use. Operation requires little grip strength, just hold lever down until the blade has made a full rotation around the can.

What we liked about it

  • Being electrical it is very convenient.
  • The can opener is very affordable
  • It opens all types and sizes of cans
  • It has a sleek nice look of black and stainless steel finish

Our opinion

Most households in the United States use approximately 600 steel cans each year. That’s a lot to open. With, the Hamilton Beach 76606ZA, you can pretty open any can easily and get going as you enjoy your drink.

The large ergonomic level makes this model very easy to use, and it utilizes a side cutting system, so you don’t have to worry about sharp edges. It opens all types of cans, including pop tops, and it easily cuts through cans of all sizes, including very tall cans. This is one of the easiest can openers you’ll ever use, it looks great, and it comes backed with a warranty to protect your purchase.

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Can Opener Review
Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Can Opener Review
$32.96 $32.99
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