HP Envy 27-Inch LED Monitor Review



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HP Envy 27-Inch LED Monitor Review
HP Envy 27-Inch LED Monitor Review
Sleek design
Sharp UHD picture
Good grayscale performance

Let’s face it: Most desktops in the market come without speakers, or have speakers that are so under-powered making them virtually unlistenable at high volumes. If you love your music loud but don’t have access to a good set of external speakers, the HP Envy 27-inch IPS LED Back-lit monitor has you covered.

It comes with on-board Beats Audio technology and a set of well-positioned built-in speaker bar to deliver quality, full-bodied audio.Also, it is equipped with a bright IPS panel dedicated to delivery of vivid colors at great densities, and it features both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs.

Design and Features

This beautiful crafted monitors sets a new precedent in its range, but it costs relatively more for a a monitor that lacks future-proof features such as USB connectivity as well as height adjustability. However, if you’re a music or movie aficionado, you can bear with us that the Envy 27 is worth the extra bucks. This gorgeous-looking monitor scores where it matters most-design, resolution, TRUE colors and an accentuated matte finish.


The Envy 27 uses a bezel-less design, just like the one used in its less expensive sibling, the HP Pavilion 27xi, making the 1,920-by-1,80 panel appear bigger than the actual 27 inches. In the design is a glossy coating meant to give colors a bit of pop, but it can be reflective when viewing dark backgrounds. The Envy 27 features a thin matte black cabinet at only 1.4 inches supported by a silver metal base measuring a little over 20 inches wide and 4.25 inches deep, with a silver hinge attachment on the right. The hinge makes it possible for you to tilt the screen back and forth but it doesn’t support height, swivel, or rotation adjustments like most monitors in the same price category.

On the bottom edge of the cabinet is a panel boosting four 3-watt speakers (6 watts per channel). The bar is conveniently angled upward to facilitate maximum projection, especially for the speakers which are nice and loud. To kick-start the Beats Audio technology, all you need to do is press the small red button conveniently located on the bottom edge of the bar. The audio difference is instant and amazing; with more pronounced mid tones. The audio quality in the Envy 27 rivals most 2.1 channel speaker system which is great for a monitor.

Other Features

Apart from the Beats Audio button, there are five touch-sensitive function buttons complemented with an ambient light sensor set on the lower edge of the speaker bar. It also has an easy to navigate OSD (on-screen display) for the menus. At the rear is are front facing VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort input as well as audio input, subwoofer jack and an SPDIF port in addition to a headphone jack on the right side of the cabinet. It is claimed to be power efficient, but that is subject to personal preferences and how you use it but one thing the color output and sound quality is worth the cash.


The HP Envy 27 may cost a little more as compared to other 27-inch IPS monitors, but it delivers features the others don’t; a Beats Audio powered speaker system, great aesthetic thanks to a bright and highly detailed panel for crisp picture rendition. However, for the price other features such as a few USB ports would be highly flexible and welcome. If you are not into powerful audio as your priority, you can save a few bucks with less expensive mainstream big-screen monitors.


HP Envy 27-inch UHD 4K IPS Monitor with Micro-Edge Bezel and AMD FreeSync (Black)

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HP Envy 27-Inch LED Monitor

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