Instant Pot IP-Smart Pressure Cooker Review

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For a moment we were all convinced that we’d seen the best of pressure cookers -then pops up the Instant Pot Smart Bluetooth 6. A multi-purpose cooker that easily takes recipe scripts from your smartphone (Android/iPhone/iPad); and does exactly as programmed. Plus, for the kitchen it can function as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker and food warmer.

Yes, it’s a 7-in-1 functional cooker. All these make it the most future-proof pressure cooker on the market, so far! If you’re into trying cool appliances in your kitchen or in need of some advanced pressure cooker functions…this sounds like a safe buy.


Here you get some of the never-seen before features…on a pressure cooker of course. We’re looking at fourteen built-in programs that will automatically adjust the correct pressure, set the right timing required for, may it be, cooking soup, rice, porridge, beans, yogurt or even meat/stew. Apart from automatically setting the time, you can also manually adjust the pressure cooker to either add or decrease cooking time.

On the Instant Pot Smart Bluetooth 6 pressure cooker you have three temperature settings: can be used to sauté, slow cook or just keep the food warm. Selecting the appropriate pressure for the food being prepared is made easier by dual pressure settings, whereby; High pressure has a PSI of 10.2-11.6 and Low Pressure has a PSI of 5.8-7.2.


One thing we always insist in a pressure cooker is definitely its security features. For the longest time, pressure cookers have been known to be ticking time-bombs in kitchens. Not anymore. The Instant Pot IP-Smart sports a stainless steel setup and is certified by both UL and ULC, which set the industry standard for safe cooking in our kitchens.

Safety features that are unique to this cooker include: excess pressure protection, safety lid lock, automatic pressure control, automatic temperature control, high temperature warning, extreme temperature and power protection, leaky lid protection, anti-block vent, and pressure regulator protection. What’s more, there is a microprocessor embedded in the cooker that automatically monitors the pressure, temperature based on the set time, as well as adjusting pressure and cook time.

Quality of Cooking

A pressure cooker always comes with many advantages to cooking food. We all like it when the food is ready in 1/3 the time of conventional cooking. Stews or Chili are ready in just an hour, or even less. You don’t need to defrost frozen food before cooking. Inexpensive meats become tender and succulent. If you want to steam potatoes, 15 minutes is all you need. For frozen fruits or vegetables, you barely need 2-3 minutes. All these are made possible by the Instant Pot IP-Smart Multi-functional Pressure Cooker.

To make the experience even better, it comes with a stainless steel steam rack with handles, through which food can be lowered into and lifted out of the cooking pot. Also included are Silicone mini mitts, a rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup and condensation collector and a quick reference guide.

Ease of use

 Stainless steel construction is always easy to maintain. Quality comes into play here. This Bluetooth-enables cooker is attractively designed, the same way it’s designed to withstand the pressure in the kitchen for long. It has a hinged lid that open up to the inner cooking pot which has a 3-ply stainless bottom. In the recent past, Teflon, no-stick coating have raised several health concerns, and this cooking pot doesn’t have any of those.

The exterior is made of stainless steel, but the shiny surface has been redesigned to be fingerprint resistant. Of course no one wants an otherwise superb cooking pot to be picking fingerprints here and there. All these make this appliance a long-tern cooking companion. In fact, one that you’ll keep in your kitchen for a very long time.

We liked…

  • A full array of functions (14-functions to be specific)
  • Safety Mechanisms (UL & ULC certified)
  • Future-proof technology (Bluetooth feature is easily operated)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dual Pressure controls offer seamless flexibility


It’s not always that you find a kitchen appliance that is hard to pass by in the supermarket shelves. The Instant Pot Smart Bluetooth 6 is exactly that appliance. It brings to your kitchen a stainless steel construction with well-thought safety features. The multiple functions are on-point and the ease of use is equally exciting for seasoned pressure cookers users and newbies alike.

Just like any great appliance, there are some few rough edges like the smartphone app being laggy but that can be sorted through updates and patches. Otherwise, the Instant Pot IP Pressure Cooker itself is a winner, worth having in your kitchen.

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Instant Pot IP-Smart Pressure Cooker Review
Instant Pot IP-Smart Pressure Cooker Review
$64.66 $99.99
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