JOYOR Scooter Review

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At one point, you’ve used (or at least heard of) electric scooter services from the likes of Bird, Uber, Lyft, and Lime. Now, with the JOYOR Scooter, you have that opportunity to own a personal e-Scooter, that will allow you get around, the same way you would with a bicycle or a skateboard.

As with any new technology, there’s always that battle between those who embrace innovation and those sitting around to see how things shape up. After all, how many of us have jumped onto electric cars, even with the convenience they bring along? The same applies to electric e-Scooters.

In this JOYOR X5S Electric Scooter review, we share our opinion of these new technology in terms of safety, convenience, value and many more.

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JOYOR X5S Scooter Specifications

Battery Type36V Li-Ion battery
Recharge Period6-7 hours
Top Speed15.5 mph
Maximum Range31 miles
Weight Capacity265 lbs
Tires10-Inch pneumatic
Product Weight33 pounds

Who is JOYOR?

From their website, the Yongkang, a China-based company was founded in 2014, with a mission of making “lives simpler, more enjoyable, productive, and …secure.” They claim to be one of the largest manufacturers of high-end scooters in china, and online searches show that they are gaining traction in the global market. The company has already captured a sizable niche in some European markets, and they keep growing.

JOYOR Electric Scooter front

In a nutshell

The JOYOR X5S is a reliable, foldable electric scooter with a grand 500W brushless DC motor, and packs a 36V Li-Ion battery for steady power output.

As configured, each component in this e-Scooter is intended for perfect operation, with a good balance of design and portability, while maintaining excellent performance on daily use.

However, the X5S isn’t all-round perfect, it gets its share of shortcomings, like pretty all other gizmos. The most notable is lower maximum speed, rigid assembly guidelines and the headlines aren’t as bright as they claim them to be ultra-bright. Luckily, they don’t affect performance, but are worth mentioning, altogether.

Apart from that, the Joyor Scooter looks cool and is perfectly usable. Weighing in at just 33 pounds, this e-scooter is fairly lightweight to carry around, yet has a sturdy construction to accommodate users of up to 265 lbs body weight. Quite impressive. When fully charged, the JOYOR X5S Electric Scooter can cover up to 31 miles, and can cruise at a maximum speed of 15.5 mph.

JOYOR Electric Scooter portable

The extra-large 10-inch tires adds to the scooter’s extreme efficiency, as they allow for the aforementioned speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour. Its through such features that we can affirm the manufacturer’s claim that the X5S can hit speeds of 40 miles under specific ideal conditions.

JOYOR Scooter – Top Features

Solid Build Quality

The JOYOR Scooter is built from aviation-grade alloy steel, with good density and structural strength. As a result, you have a lightweight e-Scooter that’s portable to carry around, but very sturdy for long term use.

The JOYOR X5S also features a wider, slip-repellent pedal for maximum feet support and stability, alongside a host of adjustment tools, including a mobile phone holder, a scooter pack, and an inflator.

Safety and Comfort

Not every day that you find an anti-lock stopping system on a scooter to enhance brake responsiveness, but that’s a feature available on this electric scooter. The front wheel has shock absorbers that provide some good comfort, even on rough surface.

JOYOR Electric Scooter led

To that, add seamless portability and adaptability and you have one of the best free-style scooters in the market. At 33 lbs unit weight, the JOYOR X5S is much lighter than the Titan Pro Electric Scooter (61.7lbs) or the Hiboy NEX5 Electric Scooter (41 lbs).

The JOYOR X5S also get an LCD that display battery life, speed, and a host of other crucial metrics; as well as ultra-bright 1.1 headlights that provide a range of up to 20 meters for maximum safety. While the manufacturer claims that the headlight is ultra-bright, it may not be that bright aftercall.

Should I buy the JOYOR X5S Electric Scooter?

The JOYOR X5S is a fantastic electric scooter. Everything, and I mean everything…from the light weight durable build, to the powerful motor and long range make for a greater scooter that costs much less than competitors with similar models. As designed, it folds for one-handed carry, the base board swivels around, only that it requires a firm grip.

All said, if you’re an outdoors person who needs something comfortable and reliable to get around, the JOYOR Scooter is a great way to enjoy switching between biking and scooting around the hood.

JOYOR Scooter Review
JOYOR Scooter Review
$599.99 $699.95
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