Keynice Vacuum Cleaner Review

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The Keynice Vacuum Cleaner gives a unique solution because cars present a tricky cleaning environment that can benefit from a specific tool. There are very tight spaces in a vehicle, tighter than you find in an average home. Parents and pet owners especially know that food and fur can make their way into even the most remote nooks and crannies of an automobile. A specific type of vacuum can reach them

Even the most committed car enthusiast cannot keep all messes away from their prized possession. Those with a strict no eating in the car policy can still expect to have anything that attaches itself to shoes  dirt, leaves and worse off accumulate on their car’s floor periodically. Some automobile lovers may be willing to pay for professional auto detailing on a regular basis. For the rest of us, a car vacuum cleaner like Keynice Vacuum Cleaner will be more than enough to keep our cars reasonably neat. It can also tide you over between professional cleanings.

The handy vehicle vacuum cleanner is a powerful 12-Volt,85W,13.2-Foot power cord(4M) DustBuster for quick pick ups and sucking up spills, dirt, leaves and more. suction strength is 3KPA It can use for your car. a crevice tool is included for reaching into narrow spaces. If you want to use it as home vacuum ,then you need Universal AC-DC Power Socket Adapter Converter.

What we liked about it

    • A great, new generation design
    • There are two layer cloth bag filter
    • The operating specification is wider with 4 meters
    • It is safe and effective with 12V car power supply

Important to note

    • This product is specially used for the car. Don’t use it in other excessive dust environment. In order to avoid affecting the dust absorption effect and service life.
    • When you are using it, you must install the filter screen. In order to avoid it damaged when it sucked pollutants into the pump motor.
    • Don’t take the former shell down when products is working. In order to avoid the accident happen.

Our Opinion

The Keynice Vacuum Cleaner, is an amazing little dust buster, excellent in design. If you’re looking for handy hand held vacuum for your car, you won’t go wrong buying this one.

This hand vacuum has so many accessories. It has attachments for brushing, edge vacuum, a flexible hose, and for filling up items. The neat thing about this model is that you can use it for both vacuum and for inflating things. One end has a detachable area that fills up with the junk you vacuum, while the other end has a hole you can use to blow up mattresses, rafts, and that sort of thing or for just blowing dust off the dash. It runs only on 12v, and it is actually pretty quiet for this type of vacuum. It features a filter system that easily removes for cleaning, and the device can clean up small spills as well as dry items.

The only thing to note for this Keynice vacuum cleaner is that the suction is not as strong as a full sized vacuum. It is on par with other hand held models that are 12v, but isn’t as strong as something like a rechargeable Shark. It will do the job, but you may have to make more than a single pass across the carpet, don’t accept it will work like a full-size vacuum.

What we like most is that the filters are cleanable the front filter and the exhaust filter, so that you don’t have to buy replacement filters. It comes with a simple sack that you can store everything in, although it is not super durable, so don’t be rough with it. The directions are very helpful and well written.

Keynice Vacuum Cleaner Review
Keynice Vacuum Cleaner Review
$33.99 $79.99
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