Chef Remi’s Kitchen Scissors Review

In kitchen there are tasks a knife cannot help no matter how well it has been designed. Hence the need of shears, the latest Chef Remi’s Kitchen Scissors come in handy. This performs a variety of tasks like cutting of meat, poultry, vegetables, trimming fat etc. No need for a knife and board. Kitchen shears are not the same thing as regular scissors!

Good quality kitchen shears work on thicker foods, slippery foods, meats, vegetables, fruit and herbs. You can cut pretty much anything related to cooking – parchment paper, fish, leaves, pizza – the list is unlimited. Household scissors have long blades, where heavy duty kitchen shears have a shorter blade and longer handle to give you greater leverage when cutting through foods.

These kitchen shears are heavy duty, have attractive red and black patterned plastic handles. At first glance the handles appear cushioned, but they are not. The blades are stainless steel. They have a built-in serrated area between the handles for cracking nuts and there is a bottle opener built in to the outside edge of one of the blades.

One blade is serrated, very handy for gripping chicken bones when cutting up a chicken. The handles appear to be symmetric which would indicate that they are usable by either a left-handed or right-handed person. And they come with a lifetime guarantee in most of the outlets.

Sharp stainless steel blades with micro-serrated edge for slip proof cutting. Makes food prep a ‘snip’!

Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears Great grip for both right and left handed chefs, these comfortable and super sharp scissors will make food preparation easier and faster


  • They are made of stainless steel to ensure that they won’t rust or chip and they remain tough for all you’re cutting.
  • They have a non-slip handle which will help you maintain a firm grip.
  • They have a serrated section for easy grip to help in opening tough sealed items.
  • There is ‘pop top’ bottle opener in the blade for fast and easy opening of bottles and jars.
  • They are light weight, small, multipurpose for they can handle poultry, vegetables, packages, sea food and many more with relative ease.

What Are Kitchen Shears Used For?

For Cutting Meat-If you cut bacon with a knife, you are going to love how easy it is to cut bacon with kitchen shears!  It’s easy, quick and so efficient.  No mess either.  The shears don’t slip around on the greasy bacon.

For Cutting Chicken and Chicken Bones-Most people think that heavy duty kitchen shears are only for cutting chickens and chicken bones although they are good for so much more!  But why are they so good for chicken?  Well, for two big reasons:

  • They are strong and get the job done.
  • They can manage to cut through the slipper skin, fat and meat

For Baking-Who would have thought that you would use scissors for baking?!  Heavy duty kitchen shears are really the answers, not scissors.  They are great for cutting dried fruits for breads and muffins, great for cutting marshmallows; you can also use it to cut up cubes of cold butter for my pie crust recipe.

For Breads-Kitchen shears are great for cutting pizza, flat bread, pitas, quesadillas etc.  You can also use them to cut bread into cubes for bread pudding or croutons.

For Fruit and Vegetables-I find that the fastest way to cut up peppers is with kitchen shears!  I cut up all sorts of fruit and vegetables with my shears.  In addition, they are great for cutting up dried fruits.

For Herbs-Kitchen shears are also great for cutting twine, parchment paper, wax paper and food packaging.

Our say…

With a lifetime guarantee you have no reason to worry about the latest Chef Remi’s Kitchen Scissors. The moment you will make this purchase it will be part of your long memory lane because it will serve you.

These are a very solid set of shears that are sharp and make my tasks easy that help you with a wide range of tasks in your kitchen.

We don’t see much of the cons for this product perhaps the only two downsides that I could find so far, are that they appear not to come apart as some kitchen shears do. The practical implication of this fact is that they are harder to clean than shears which can be taken apart to be cleaned.

Chef Remi’s Kitchen Scissors Review
Chef Remi’s Kitchen Scissors Review
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