LauKingdom Salt and Pepper Grinder Set Review

As much as a gourmet chef might recommend/make use of exotic ingredients and other unique spices, your recipe won’t be any better without the basics: salt and pepper.

The LauKingdom Salt and Pepper Grinder Set allows you to put these staples on your kitchen table, in a way that is far from boring as they are blended in the proper way. If you want to enjoy unique spices found on kitchen tables across the world, using salt and pepper that are freshly ground is the way to go.

The LauKingdom Grinder Set has much nicer physical look when you close to it than how they appear in pictures. The sleek brushed stainless steel design makes it a perfect fit in your kitchen. They truly do add a touch of elegance to any table setting. The set looks as though it was specially made to match all of my brushed stainless steel appliances

With performance in mind you can fill one of them with pink Himalayan salt which has been known to clog or break my other grinders but it will never disappoint. A test has been done by filling it to capacity and proceeded to grind the entire bottle, the same has been repeated 5 times and the LauKingdom Salt and Pepper Grinder Set performed beautifully. The ceramic rotor mechanism is tough enough to handle the demands placed on it by the tough Himalayan salt.

Apparently, when you screw it down to make a finer grind, it actually pushes the gears closer together. When you loosen it to get a larger grind, the gear doesn’t necessarily come up with it because it’s not attached. So, after you loosen it, put the cap back on, turn it upside down and tap the bottom. This will allow the gear to go into place, allowing a bigger gap for a coarser grind. This is how most grinders like this are designed and once you know, it’s not an issue at all.

Product description

Sleek stainless steel designed with the user in mind, this professionally brushed stainless steel salt and pepper grinder mill (5″ * 2.5″) provides a touch of elegance to every counter with exquisite modern look. We understand that kitchen tools should be both functionally and elegantly designed. Tips: salt and pepper not included.

Ceramic Rotor Mechanism Intricately designed rotor mechanism peels layer of pepper corn and shaves salt crystals to produce the most intense flavors. The adjustable rotor allows for full control of fine to coarse seasoning. Our grinder sets are the ideal salt and pepper mill, creating the best seasoning & spice tools.

Cap for no mess – Maintains the shelf life and freshness of the spices. This easy-to-use snap-on cap is crafted for practical everyday need constantly refill with high capacity, don’t have to constantly clean up salt and pepper off the table because the grinder is on the top.

Adjustable Grind Setting: Prefer a finer or coarser grind? Customize the salt or pepper granularity to your tastes simply by twisting the knob on the ends of the mill. You may hold the head and twist the glass body if you don’t like twist the top.


  • Easy to clean.
  • They are a perfect size to fit anywhere in your kitchen
  • They are short enough to sit right on top of my stove or in with my spices
  • The look is very classy and look awesome.
  • They are strong enough to resist breakage on falling down.
  • Doesn’t have trouble with “jamming” or getting sticky from use over heat
  • They have adjustable settings for the grain size.
  • They are very easy to turn / grind


  • The only thing that gave it thumbs down for us is that the caps on the grinders are a bit hard to remove.

Our Opinion

This is a nice durable/hefty, classy and awesome set of salt and pepper grinders. We absolutely love the fact that you can turn the dial on the grind part to make the salt and peppercorns as fine or as coarse as you wish we mean, who likes biting into half a peppercorn because you have no control of the coarseness? This is phenomenal

The only limitation we have come across so far is the cap which is a bit hard to remove but you will remove it anyway if you apply enough force.

With all the above facts we feel this product is worth a long look as you shop around.

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MIUMI Salt & Pepper Mill Shakers Set of 2 - Premium Salt and Pepper grinder set, Adjustable and Easy To Use, Stainless Steel Top, Ceramic Rotor and a Thick Glass Body with Large Capacity (5.2" tall)
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LauKingdom Salt and Pepper Grinder Set Review
LauKingdom Salt and Pepper Grinder Set Review
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