LG 40WP95C-W Review – The First to Feature Thunderbolt 4

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The LG 40WP95C-W is a glorious monitor aimed at professional creatives and video editors alike, and it is the first of its kind to boast Thunderbolt 4 and a 5K2K (5120 X 2160) resolution. Elsewhere, it’s really expensive, making it a reserve for people with cash to bankroll it.

  • Thunderbolt 4
  • Wide DCI-P3 color gamut (with sRGB mode)
  • Gorgeous, Nano IPS screen
  • Looks fantastic
  • Expensive
  • It may be a bit too large for some

At CES 2021, LG announced new UltraGear, Ultrawide, and Ultrafine monitors, designed for gamers and creators. However, the 5K2K Ultrawide LG 40WP95C-W stood out from the pack, not only because of the sheer big screen but also a feature it introduces in its port offering.

For a long time, there was word on the street that LG was making a 40-inch ultrawide, just like Dell, but LG’s offering comes with this monitor: it sports Thunderbolt 4, making it the first monitor to do so.

Sure, being a 40-inch Ultrawide, the LG 40WP95C-W is bigger than most other ultrawide currently available in the market, with only 49-inch ultrawides like the Samsung CHG90 and the Dell UltraSharp U4919DW besting it, albeit at a different aspect ratio.

LG’s 40-inch panel has a rather unusual resolution of 5120 x 2160 – which is an equivalent of a 4K monitor, but as wide as two QHD panels.

The panel uses LG’s Nano-IPS technology, with a light curve of 2500R, and a refreshes at an equally unusual 72Hz. Other features include a 5K2K (5120 X 2160) resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio. This should excite creators, too, because it covers 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 135 percent of the sRGB color space and it’s HDR10 compliant.

LG 40WP95C-W front

Specs sheet

Screen Size39.7-inch
Screen Curvature2500R
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio21:9 (UltraWide)
Refresh Rate72Hz
Response Time5ms (GtG)
Adaptive-SyncFreeSync (48-72Hz)
PortsDisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0,
Thunderbolt 4 (in/out)
Other PortsHeadphone Jack, 2x USB 3.0
Brightness300 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio1000:1 (static)
Colors1.07 billion (8-bit + FRC)
98% DCI-P3

Why is Thunderbolt 4 a big deal?

So, the LG 40WP95C-W features Thunderbolt, and that makes it such a big deal? Yes, for a good reason, though.

The long and short of it is: Thunderbolt 4 is certainly the connectivity hub of the future. As We anticipate that USB 4 to eventually land and compete with all other connectivity protocols and specifications.

However, until such a time, the only equivalent available right now is Intel’s Thunderbolt 4, which delivers up to 40 Gb/s of data throughput delivered across DisplayPort, USB, and PCIe protocols, bundled together with up to 100W of power delivery (with a minimum of 15W) – all over a single cable.

Looking back, we all knew that USB Type-C was meant to do all those things, and while the port itself is making an appearance in more and more devices, the protocol is a mess, and it has always been for the longest time.

Having this interface on a huge, high-resolution monitor like this is very important as it maintains effective single-cable docking. Professional creatives and video editors using this monitor may want to connect their laptop to it, take advantage of the full resolution, and have all their peripherals connected to the monitor, including storage subsystems. All that is possible via a single Thunderbolt cable, all while also charging the laptop.

Performance and Pricing

As configured, LG offers the 40WP95C-W as a professional monitor, and that’s emphasized by the 300 nits of peak brightness, HDR10 signal support, the excellent wide color gamut covering 98% DCI-P3 color space for vibrant image quality, backed by the 5K2K (5120 X 2160) resolution IPS screen.

Otherwise, the low 75Hz refresh rate and 5ms GTG response rate aren’t matched for competitive AAA gaming, despite the monitor supporting AMD FreeSync technology. The best ultrawide gaming monitors like the LG UltraGear 38GN950, have some character that’s lacking in LG’s latest offering – including 450cd/m2 peak brightness, a 1ms GTG response time, and a 144+ Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync support.

However, for creative work where pixel fidelity matters more than anything else, the 40WP95C-W is one of the best you can get right now – then it adds Thunderbolt 4. At its native resolution, 4K content looks crisp, and the picture looks bright and vibrant, with colors popping out without any pixelations.

LG 40WP95C-W back

Elsewhere, fine details will be rendered with great precision with the monitor’s excellent contrast delivering fine textures in shadows and bright, direct sunlight conditions alike. Just note that you won’t likely find many videos that can take up the entire space at a 21: 9 aspect ratio, but that’s a reality for all ultrawide monitors.

Finally, this monitor costs just under two grand, making it incredibly expensive, but with this kind of specs, it kind of has to be. At launch, monitors like the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 were never cheap, but in our reviews, we recommended them for the solid feature set, and the same applies to LG’s latest flagship monitor.

LG 40WP95C-W Review: Verdict

Sometimes we get a chance to mess around with the most absolutely wild products on the market, and we think the LG 40WP95C-W easily qualifies. Of course, we will be back with an in-depth review after we’ve tested it, but from the onset, we can guarantee it’s an excellent piece of kit, and the Thunderbolt 4 makes it future-proof and a pure standout.

So, while we don’t think everyone should rush out to buy this monitor – it takes lots of space, and takes a lot of adjustment to use – it is genuinely one of the best professional monitors you’ll ever find.

If you’re a professional creative or video editors with cash to bankroll it, and hardware to drive it, the LG 40WP95C-W definitely delivers on its promise. In addition to bringing Thunderbolt 4 to the PC monitors scene, you’re not going to get a 5K2K (5120 X 2160) resolution and a smooth 2500R curvature anywhere else. And, that in and of itself is worth a big applause.


LG 40WP95C-W 40” UltraWide Curved WUHD (5120 x 2160) 5K2K Nano IPS Display, DCI-P3 98% (Typ.) with HDR10, Thunderbolt 4 with 96W PD, 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design Tilt/Height/Swivel Stand

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LG 40WP95C-W Review – The First to Feature Thunderbolt 4
LG 40WP95C-W Review – The First to Feature Thunderbolt 4
$1,449.99 $2,299.99
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