MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US Review

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8.4 Total Score

The MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US is a great, powerful, and value-filled gaming desktop for gaming at both 1080p, 1440p, and some 4K as well.

  • Cheaper than building yourself
  • All MSI components
  • Dense, bright RGB lighting
  • Excellent gaming and processor performance
  • Poor cable management
  • Twist ties used for some cables

Shopping for a reasonably priced gaming PC is tedious these days, which is why I get excited when we run into desktops like the MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US. This midrange build can max out about any 1080p, and its parts are simple to swap. The MSI Aegis RS comes with everything but the monitor in the box, and the desktop itself is kitted to maximize performance – you don’t have to dive into the BIOS just to boost the frame rates.

With a 13th Gen Intel core i7-13700KF CPU and Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU, you get the best of both worlds, performance and price in the Aegis RS. For the price, MSI once again made a solid PC with a gorgeous case and powerful hardware.

The MSI Aegis RS is a high-performance gaming desktop that caters to the demands of hardcore gamers and enthusiasts. With its powerful hardware, sleek design, and a range of customizable features, the Aegis RS aims to deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US Review ports


Desktop ClassGaming
ProcessorIntel Core i7-13700KF
Processor Speed2.5 GHz
RAM (as Tested)32 GB
Boot Drive TypeSSD
Boot Drive Capacity (as Tested)2 TB
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce RTX 4070 (12GB)
Operating SystemWindows 11 Home

Design and Features

MSI has paid meticulous attention to the aesthetics of the Aegis RS. The chassis is similar to the one used in the MSI Aegis RS 12TG-284US we reviewed last year, with angular lines and RGB accents that exude a futuristic and aggressive look. The tempered glass side panel provides a glimpse into the internal components, showcasing the powerful hardware within.

In terms of build quality, the Aegis RS is sturdy and well-constructed. The materials used feel premium, and the attention to detail is evident. The placement of ports and accessibility of components make it user-friendly for those who might consider future upgrades.

The Aegis RS offers a comprehensive selection of ports for various peripherals and accessories. It includes multiple USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, USB Type-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, and audio jacks. The inclusion of Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 ensures robust wireless connectivity options.

One of the standout features of the Aegis RS is its high level of customizability. The motherboard supports a wide range of components, including additional RAM slots, PCIe slots, and M.2 slots for further expansion. This means users have the flexibility to upgrade and tailor the system to their specific needs.

MSI Dragon Center software provides an intuitive interface for customizing the RGB lighting, adjusting fan speeds, and monitoring system performance. It also offers one-click overclocking for those looking to push their system to the limits.

MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US Review side

Gaming Performance

For gaming, the MSI Aegis RS boasts an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card and a 240mm liquid cooling system that keeps the temperature of the CPU and GPU down even during intense gaming sessions. The RTX 4070 is a top-tier desktop graphics card based on the AD104 chip and uses the Ada Lovelace architecture. It’s an upgrade over the RTX 3070 from last year offers 5,888 cores and 12 GB GDDR6X graphics memory, and has 184 Tensor cores. That’s just as much as you’d need to run modern titles at good frame rates at both 1080p and 1440p resolutions.

Even in 2023, GPU prices are still high in the aftermath of GPU shortages, and getting a machine with an RTX 4070 at this price is a kill. The RTX 4070 still hits a great value mark, in between the RTX 4060 and the RTX 4080. It’s more than enough for 1440p, with just enough pep to make 4K playable, especially with upscaling in the mix.

On the Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark (1440p, highest settings), the high-end CPU and cutting-edge graphics card deliver good performance, averaging 163 fps which is enough pixel-pushing ability to keep it ahead of the RTX 4060 Ti-powered CyberpowerPC GXiVR8040A14 (122 fps.) However, the Skytech Pro Eclipse (261 fps) and Alienware Aurora R15 (268 fps) machines with higher-end RTX 4090s perform markedly better.

Stacked up against the slightly more powerful RTX 4070 Ti in the HP Omen 45L, the MSI Aegis RS holds its own. It is fairly faster in Fire Strike and within a few points in Time Spy, and it shines in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This is the newer Intel Core i7-13700KF at work, which can boost your frame rate in open-world games like Valhalla.

MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US Review processor

At 1440p, the Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti is an absolute powerhouse, blowing through most AAA titles with at least 80, but mostly around 100+ fps. Even in Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition without DLSS, the RTX 4070 sits pretty at 106 fps at 1440p – and that’s with all the shiny ray-traced effects enabled.

Even at 4K, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 in the 13NUE-450US remains unshaken. In games like Dirt 5, Final Fantasy XIV, and Horizon Zero Dawn, the RTX 4070 has no problem at all staying well above 60 fps at max settings, making it an easy choice if you play a lot of MMOs and want to play at 4K.

But the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 doesn’t exist in a vacuum. At 1440p, the RTX 4070 is faster than the RTX 4060, but not so much that it’ll make a huge difference. And while the RTX 4070 can do 4K gaming, and can do it quite well, it doesn’t come close to the RTX 4080 in the Alienware Aurora R15. For instance, in Metro Exodus, the Aurora R15 is a whopping 24% faster and just a few hundred more expensive. That means that the RTX 4080, even though it’s a little expensive, is simply a better value.

Productivity Performance

Beyond gaming, the MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US is a decent choice as a productivity workhorse. It features a 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700KF processor, 32GB DDR5 RAM, and 2TB M.2 NVMe storage. That’s enough pep to run most of your productivity tasks without slowing down. If possible, you can pair it with a high-refresh monitor like the Samsung Odyssey G55A (1ms, 165Hz) and you’ve got yourself a powerful combination for gaming and productivity tasks.

If you’re a professional creative or artist, a higher-end configuration is better. However, for the hobbyist who wants to game and stream, edit a few YouTube videos, or dive into 3D modeling, this midrange MSI Aegis RS 12 configuration is a perfect choice.

MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US Review upgrade

MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US Review – Verdict

The MSI Aegis 13NUE-450US is a powerful gaming desktop that doesn’t compromise anything, and it still manages to hit a price below the competition. It comes in various configurations to choose from, and it uses parts from known vendors so you can easily upgrade it down the road. MSI even includes a fully modular power supply and a motherboard that supports Wi-Fi, while most vendors don’t.

If I was to create my own gaming PC, this is exactly how I’d do it. But, top-tier graphics cards and other requisite parts are hard to come by, I’m glad MSI has done it for most of us, at a reasonable price. While it has a few problems, particularly the build quality and the case aren’t great, it’s great to see MSI sacrifice the aesthetics here than with the other components.

A little more attention to detail like what Dell has done with the Alienware Aurora R14 would go a long way, but the MSI Aegis RS is still a fantastic machine in the top=tier of prebuilt gaming PCs.

As a whole package, the MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US is a powerful gaming rig with few frills. If you need a PC to play games, this will stand up, even in 4K with the right settings.

Should you buy the MSI Aegis RS?

Yes. With the Aegis RS 13, MSI is offering an incredibly powerful prebuilt PC that’s cheaper than DIYing a similar one with identical hardware. It looks great, is a strong performer, and can be had at a very reasonable price.

MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US Review
MSI Aegis RS 13NUE-450US Review
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