NutriChef Vacuum Sealer Review

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The Nutrichef Vacuum sealer (PKVS18SL) is an affordable kitchen appliance that offers two speeds and a delicate mode to seal different food types. Unlike most vacuum sealers at this price point, it come with a starter kit that includes five pre-made sealer bags, a roll of plastic to make additional bags and a handy vacuum pipe for sealing containers. For the design and versatility, it makes for a good value for a food vacuum sealer.

What we like about the NutriChef

For starters, this vacuum sealer may be intimidating to use at first -typical with most kitchen appliances, particularly, it requires some muscle to get the lid to snap shut and lock. However, after using the NutriChef for a while, the lock becomes easier to lock and close.

Delicate sealing process

The Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer is very versatile, and you’ll particularly like the way it seals meats and dry foods. Its delicate setting pulls very little air from the bag, leaving a lot of room around your foods so they aren’t crushed in the process. And while the sealing process is automatic, you can always stop and have the NutriChef seal the bag at anytime.

Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer front

What we don’t like

You’ll notice that the machine is a bit loud during use, as it seals the plastic bags, but its not the worst around. There are other sealers that are way louder, but you’ll still need to raise your voice in order to be heard when using this sealer.

Also, the NutriChef has difficulty sealing wet foods. For instance, it extracts around two grams of orange juice during the vacuum process, which is quite a lot but is proof of the vacuum’s suction power. Even with several attempts, you may not be able to seal the bag properly – but it’s a common problem among vacuum sealers.

Bottom Line

The Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer offers all the convenience you’d ever need at home. It comes with a strong motor and fast suction, making it a good choice for extended use as it easily packages both fresh and dry food varieties. It’s also fantastic in keeping the flavor and fragrance of spices and herbs for longer, and it also comes handy when freezing veggies and protein.

We only wish it was equally excellent in sealing wet foods, of which you have an alternative in the Hamilton Beach NutriFresh 78220, that does a good job sealing wet portions well.

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NutriChef Vacuum Sealer Review
NutriChef Vacuum Sealer Review
$41.06 $47.10
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