Rubbermaid FG564200BLA Yard Cart Review

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No other gardening device has been the subject of such intense observation and improvement, over a long period of time, as the humble wheelbarrow or its cousin, the garden cart.

It isn’t an easy task to find the right wheelbarrow for your everyday task mainly because they get subjected to a lot of pressure which most of them won’t sustain. Most of users need a wheelbarrow which is user friendly and durable. The Rubbermaid FG564200BLA comes with all these specification needed for the right wheelbarrow.

Description Summary

    • 300 lb. maximum load capacity to haul large loads
    • Holds up to 7.5 cu. ft. of landscaping material
    • 20 in. tires allow you to move over rough terrain easily
    • All-plastic seamless pan design resists leaking and cracking
    • 300 lbs. Capacity
    • Large pneumatic wheels for maneuverability
    • Ergonomic handles reduce strain

All-plastic, seamless pan design resists leaking and cracking. It has two-wheel cart suitable for use as a wheelbarrow, farm cart, or other material handling. With a sturdy structural foam construction won’t rust, dent, chip or peel. It has 7.5-cubic foot capacity, 58 inches long by 32.75 inches wide by 28.25 inches high and 45.15 pounds in weight.

The molded-in 1-piece handle provides stability and the pneumatic tires lend versatile mobility to tackle your chores in a timely fashion.

What we liked about it

    • Big capacity for bigger loads
    • Weather and corrosion resistant
    • Multiple loading and dumping positions
    • Designed for heavy-duty items

Our opinion

This is a wheelbarrow is designed to last long, handle much load, move easily in any kind of terrain, prevent any kind of leakage, resist any kind of corrosion and be cleaned easily.

Not only does it hold so much more than your standard wheel barrel, but, more importantly, it is so much easier to handle even with the extra weight. There is no crazy balancing act to try to keep it from falling over to the side like your standard wheel barrel

It is very well made (better be for the price!), and very easy to assemble.

If you want a very sturdy, heavy wheelbarrow for everything you can think of that is not going to tip over like a wheel barrow and is easy to push and pull around then consider Rubbermaid Commercial FG564200BLA. We are certain that it will give you the service you need.

Rubbermaid FG564200BLA Yard Cart Review
Rubbermaid FG564200BLA Yard Cart Review
$88.97 $102.62
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