Shark HV322 Review

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The Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro is a great choice for anyone looking for a great handheld vacuuming experience on a budget, without the drag of having to charge after a few cycles.

  • Comfortable handheld design
  • Good performance
  • Low price
  • Nice range of accessories
  • No HEPA filtration
  • Smaller dirt cup

No matter how much we hype cordless vacuums, we can’t just ignore the major flaw in them: limited battery life. With the Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro, things are much different and better. This vacuum cleaner looks, feels, and acts like a cordless stick, has a small and light profile, but offers a limitless power supply.

Shark just delivered a plug-in vac that can be used as a cordless cleaner, giving you the best of both worlds. It gets the ‘TruePet’ nickname for its prowess in handling pet hair across the household, and I can say it’s an improved version of Dyson DC series vacuums. It comes with a cord for supplying power and is ultra-light at only 8 pounds.

The HV322 is relatively cheap and comes with a decent range of accessories that make it a perfect choice for deep cleaning carpets and hard floors, alongside any mess left behind by your pets on furniture and other areas.

However, while the cord offers a limitless power supply, it can still present an inconvenience. Still, it can be had for much less than a Dyson DC40 and that counts for a lot. Who doesn’t want to save some bucks while getting the best performance, after all?

About the Shark HV322

The Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro will look like a Dyson DC44 but comes in a different color and a bigger size. There are two models to choose from – Shark HV321 and Shark HV322, but the HV322 we’re reviewing comes with an included small motorized brush that’s efficient for cleaning pet hair out of different surfaces.

Here are the top features of the Shark HV322:

  • Utilizes with a “never loses suction” cyclonic technology
  • 32-foot power cord
  • Comes with a TruePet Motorized brush
  • Hard floor genie works use suction and a microfiber towel to clean bare floor
  • Has 10 LED headlights on the floor base
  • Also has a crevice and brush tool
  • Two foam filters (both are washable)

While we love corded design, we’re still concerned by the Shark Rocket pro’s tiny dirt cup. The dirt cup is very easy to empty, but you will want to take caution at how hectic it could be emptying due to the small carrying capacity.  

Shark HV322 Review

Design and Features

If you ignore the cable hanging out of the rear of the Shark Rocket, you’d easily be looking at a cordless stick vacuum. At just 8.6lbs, the HV322 is a relatively lightweight vacuum cleaner, although we’ve seen much smaller and lighter cordless vacs, including the Shark WandVac System, it remains in the same ballpark as the Shark Vertex Pro stick vacuum.

In designing the Rocket Deluxe Pro, Shark ensured to ape a cordless model in every way, right down to the detachable wand that hooks up to the motorized floor tool With the wand clicked into place, you can get up high to clean around ceilings, but you can detach it to get a close-up with the included tools.

In the box, Shark bundles a crevice too, a multi-pet tool (basically a hard brush that converts into an upholstery tool), and a small nozzle that’s handy for cleaning into crevices. The latter is great for cleaning a car, easily getting into those hard-to-clean areas in your furniture or car.

It doesn’t come with onboard storage for the tools, which is a major omission. The main vacuum does have a storage hook, which you can use to either attach the cleaner to the base of the wand, letting you put the whole lot in a cupboard, or you can hang it via the optional wall mount.

On the main cleaning head, there are quality LED headlights that look classy, but not unique, only that they’re never found on other products at an affordable price. While the LED doesn’t enhance performance, it will increase visibility and help you see and clean underneath furniture. Because pet hair tends to drift into these tough-to-reach areas, it’s a great addition to make sure you’re not leaving behind any pet hair and letting it pile up.

Shark HV322 Review design


The Shark HV322 is designed to be an ultimate cleaner across the household, meaning it comes with various components to help you clean everything; from your high-pile carpets, and hard floors to collecting pet hair. In doing all that, you’ll realize that the long power cord lets you clean one large room or several small rooms without switching outlets. That said, it’s not as convenient as cordless models, but I feel it’s more powerful than comparable stick vacuums. From the onset, you’ll realize that the Shark Rocket is effective in both modes and on all surfaces.

The low-profile nozzle and swivel steering make it convenient for reaching under furniture and it can fit in tight spaces. Also, we appreciate that this stick vacuum is just as powerful as traditional upright vacuums, but it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. The detachable canister is a great addition as it makes emptying debris easy.

Once again, the detachable handheld vacuum is a great addition too. You can use it to valet your car, suck up cobwebs in high corners, and clean pet hair from upholstery. We think all these features make the Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro a great investment for your home. Here is how it performs on different surfaces:

Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro Corded Stick Vacuum with LED Headlights, XL...
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Thorough deep carpet cleaning, and powerful pet hair pickup on all...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT VERSATILITY: Ultra-lightweight and converts into a handheld vacuum for...
  • PERFECT FOR PETS: Includes specialized pet tools that capture embedded pet hair on all...

Cleaning bare floors

For cleaning hard floors, the HV322 Pro comes with two cleaning tools: A brush roll attached to the main floor attachment that cannot be turned off but can be turned down to “1” so you can avoid damaging your hard floors.

The floor genie relies on the cleaner’s incredible suction capabilities to remove debris from bare surfaces, and it doesn’t include a motorized brush as the brush roll does. This makes it an effective tool for getting to harder-to-reach areas and sucking away all the debris on those surfaces.

With this duo of cleaning tools, you can remove dust and dirt from your hard floor surface with the capacity and maneuverability to make each chore more enjoyable. It also comes with an attached microfiber cloth that you can use to wipe down bare floors. However, you’ll need to wash this cloth frequently it picks up dirt pretty fast depending on the size of the area being cleaned.

Cleaning upholstery

With the Shark HV322, you can try your hand with the TruePet motorized brush, specifically made to work on your upholstery.

In most cases, pet hair gets stuck on your couch and the motorized brush comes in handy. It will lift all that, but remember this is only available on the HV322. If you find yourself needing to clean lots of upholstery, make it a priority to consider a motorized brush when choosing the ideal Shark vacuum model.

Shark HV322 Review couch

Cleaning carpets

To effectively clean your carpets, you’ll have to put the cleaning setting on “2” or higher. In doing so, you can get deeper into your carpet for an effective deep clean with better results. The HV322 will work sufficiently on many types and area rugs.

Perhaps the only difference between the Shark HV322 Rocket Pro and a Dyson is that it will not be able to swivel a full 90 degrees like a Dyson is capable of. This means you’re getting less maneuverability, but we still appreciate that the Shark is capable of swivel steering at a 45-degree angle.

Pet Hair Removal Performance

The motorized brush can be used on most surfaces – upholstery, hard-to-reach areas like your stairs – name them all, but the real deal comes down to removing pet hair. The HV322 is ultra-lightweight and super easy to use, and you can check out the upholstery tool which includes strips on both sides to pick up hair on any fabric around your home.

This TruePet vac is an efficient cleaner and it’s not just because of the tools it has. It gets strong suction power, which helps pick up pet hair when it’s lying on your couch or stuck n your carpet.

Shark HV322 Review emptying

Are there better alternatives?

If you’re interested in removing pet hair from surfaces in your household, nothing beats the Dyson Animal – provided you have the money to spend. The Dyson not only outperforms the Shark but some other options are available in terms of cleaning performance. The main performance with the Dyson, much like the Shark, its debris cup is pretty small and fills up much too quickly.

Bottom Line

The Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro is a corded option for people who want a vacuum that packs the same punch as an upright vacuum, but with the versatility of a cordless vac. This means that it weighs less and is much easier to use overall than most upright vacuums out there.

While its top is equally heavy and might be hard to operate as a handheld, it gets the job done nonetheless. Remember, it’s not feather-light; it’s much bigger than the Dyson V8 for instance.

Overall, the Shark HV322 remains a great option if you want to handle pet hair in your home, or if you want a Dyson DC59 or a Dyson Hard but can’t quite afford either. If you’re after that handheld experience on a budget, without the drag of having to charge, then this is a good budget option.

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Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro Corded Stick Vacuum with LED Headlights, XL Dust Cup, Lightweight, Perfect for Pet Hair Pickup, Converts to a Hand Vacuum, with Pet Attachments, Bordeaux/Silver

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Shark HV322 Review
Shark HV322 Review
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