SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker Review

At one point you yawn to have that testy coffee, your home fails to give you the capacity to have it because the appliance you have is not capable of, the SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker available to give you a solution to that particular need.

It makes the best tasting coffee Brews 1 liter (8 coffee cups or about 4 coffee mugs), 34 oz. of the best tasting coffee. The best stainless steel (18/10)interior and exterior-Won’t rust and dishwasher safe.

A perfect option for all Coffee and Tea lovers. Mirror finish with Stylish design look attractive in Kitchen and office.  Great Wedding, House warming, retirement and birthday gifts for all Coffee lovers.

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press, 1 Liter is the first of its kind French press to use Double Screens System far More Superior than other French Presses in removing “ALL” grounds from your coffee giving you an amazingly smooth cup of coffee


  • Its double wall construction keeps coffee or tea warm longer and outside stays cool to the touch.
  • 1 liter capacity (8 coffee cups or 4 coffee mugs), 34oz.
  • The best stainless steel (18/10) interior and exterior–Won’t rust and dishwasher safe.
  • Sleek, mirror like stainless external surface finish.
  • The first Double Screens filter System, No more GROUNDS in your coffee
    Solid Packing, No broken gifts to your family members and friends.
  • Product Dimension is 8.9x 6.7x 4.4 inches
  • Product weight 1.9 pounds.
  • Maintenance & Cleaning

Sometimes, the screens will need to be replaced. There is no set interval for this, but a lot of people have used one screen for over a year without an issue. The cost of these screens is about $15 for two, but the manufacturer includes 2 extra screens for free, which is a major bonus.

Being stainless steel, you can simply wipe and rinse all of the pieces clean.

SterlingPro Coffee Press

Extreme Durability

If you’re used to a glass carafe, stainless steel will be your new best friend. One of the major selling points behind stainless steel is that it is very durable. You will be able to enjoy this French Press for years under normal use.


  • One of the great advantages of the French Press is that allows you to have more control over the process of making a good cup of coffee.
  • You can vary the taste of the cup according to your preferences. You can control the temperature, the steep time and the “coffee to water ratio.
  • The French press preserves the natural oils in the coffee that gets filtered out by other methods like the drip; remember oils are best in holding flavor agents.
  • This is because methods like the drip use paper filters. As a result, the French Press Coffee is much more intense and has more body. But this also means that you have to be careful with the grind size. For this brewing method, you need to use a coarse grind, if you make it too fine there will be a lot of sediment in the cup. And we don’t want that.
  • If you want to take full advantage of it, you’ll need a burr grinder. It’s not necessary to have one, but you can tell the difference in taste.
  • One other distinct advantage of this coffee maker that is not often mentioned is its portability. Because the simplified beaker into which the grounds are placed does not have electrical connections, it is small enough to be placed and carried in a hiker’s bag. Water can be heated over a campfire to pour into the press.


  • Small capacity

Many users have stated that they thought this French Press would be bigger in size. The manufacturer does state that this is a 1 liter model. If you’re bad at conversions, this is roughly 34-ounces, or 4, 8-ounce cups of coffee. For a single coffee drinker or a couple, this is a great choice

SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker Review | Verdict

You may think that there are other stainless steel models that are as good as this one and that they cost half of what SterlingPro Coffee Press cost, but I can assure you that what makes this French Press stand out from the rest is the quality and durability of it. Maybe you can’t see it at plain sight, but believe me, is there.

The SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press, 1 Liter is really easy to use. You can always get more out of it if you have some extra accessories, like a thermometer to control the water temperature and a scale to measure the amount of coffee and water.

To maintain the filter in optimal conditions for a long time, you have to clean it after you use it. If you wait for several hours it will be more difficult to clean and will require you to scrub it.

Finally, I have to say that the design of the SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker is gorgeous. It has a classy look and the full-length handle is beautifully made. I personally prefer it.

SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker Review
SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker Review
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