SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Review

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Sometimes all you need is an affordable, efficient and versatile fitness machine that will get you going without hassles. The Sunny Air Walk Trainer checks all those boxes, with its low-impact workout regime, that matches most elliptical machines. Whether you’re a seasoned exerciser, an intermediate or newbie into the fitness world, it has you needs sorted.

An air walker is essentially meant to improve cardiovascular fitness, which makes it necessary to have resistance and incline. That feature is present in this unit, and we see it as an effective way of engaging bot the upper and lower body, while striding motion delivers the much-needed twist to your body’s midsection. As a result, you have a full body workout.

In addition to toned muscles, the Sunny Air Walker Trainer is designed to facilitate burning of considerable amounts of calories. To achieve this, you’ll have to use the trainer regularly; though you also get other weight related benefits including stronger bones, which will prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.

Sunny Air Walk Trainer Specs

    • Weight: The unit weighs 37lbs
    • Dimensions: It measures 28-by-12 ½-by -57 inches
    • You’ll need almost 12 inches extra space during use
    • User weight: This models support 220 pounds as the maximum user weight


    • It features a lightweight and compact design
    • It is sturdy and stable to use
    • It is extremely easy to assemble and use
    • It operates smoothly and quietly as compared to other trainers
    • It uses a computer console that tracks time, distance and calories


    • It doesn’t feature with resistance settings
    • For some, the workout may be tool light, especially seasoned exercisers

Final Thoughts

Although the Sunny Air Walk Trainer is billed as a perfect choice for all categories of exercisers, it light profile and fixed incline may not be appealing to pro-exercisers. As such, new comers and intermediate exercisers will benefit the most from the stable, well-constructed trainer. For folks who don’t want to try out with an elliptical machine, they are much welcome as the Sunny Trainer offers the same benefits.

That said, the Sunny Air Walk Trainer offers the value for the buck, while at the same time allowing you exercise without risking the damage to your back or joints that you might incur during stressful exercises such as jogging and running. For the price and the benefits its offers, the Sunny Air Walk Trainer is an easy choice to recommend for anyone who want to seriously exercise at home.

Last updated on July 16, 2024 12:55 am
SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Review
SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Review
$78.00 $129.99
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