Z83-F MINI PC Review

7.6 Total Score

The Z83-F MINI PC is a pint-sized, versatile and reasonably priced desktop PC that offers the same basic features as that of a much larger machine. Simply said, it’s a device that will instantly transform your display or TV into an all-in-one PC for much less.

  • Tiny profile for a full Windows 10 PC
  • Reasonable price
  • Plenty of connectivity options, including 4K HDMI support
  • Only 4GB of memory and 64GB of flash storage included

So-called Mini PCs like the Z83-F MINI PC turn any TV or HDMI-equipped display into an all-in-one desktop PC. That’s a perfect fit for you to run Windows-only programs or plugins on a really big screen, like a living room or a demo screen at the office. if you sometimes need to use a VPN service to your corporate office or stream your movies and music, this machine is for you. In fact, some Mini PCs and Stick PCs are the easiest way to carry a PC along in your pocket or backpack, since some are much smaller than your smartphone.

The Z83-F Mini falls into the portable class of compact PCs that won’t fit into your pocket like Stick PCs will do, but it can be carried along on one hand. You can use it almost anywhere, and being fanless, it won’t make any noise to alert of its presence. In addition to impressive pricing, it features an Intel Atom processor, good connectivity and expandable storage. That’s well worth if you’re planning on getting a simple, functional PC for home-office entertainment and basic computing.


Simple, compact and unobtrusive. That’s the Z83-F MINI PC, that comes out as the most space-saving and travel-friendly PC out here. Measuring 4.72 by 0.94 by 4.72 inches (HWD), it isn’t as petite as the pocket-size Intel Compute Stick or Asus’ VivoStick, but it gets a better processor and more features like full USB ports and video out ports.

The entire casing is a shiny black plastic, with a silver ‘minisforum’ emblem on the top panel. It is around the same size as other mini PCs, like the Shuttle XPC Nano (1.14 by 5.6 by 5.6 inches) and the Asus VivoMini (1.9 by 7.8 by 7.8 inches). It weighs just 1.1 pounds, which gives it some worth, and you won’t hesitate carrying it on a trip.


There’s 64GB of flash storage on board, a modest amount but almost double the amount you get on stick PCs and budget laptops like chromebooks. Both the ACEPC AK1 PRO and Intel NUC Kit NUC6CAYS offer half the storage, while the Asus VivoMini VC66-B019Z has a full 1TB of storage. Storage here isn’t a ton, but is sufficient to store a couple of pictures and videos, all you do is be careful not to fill it with high res videos or pictures.


For a miniature box, the Z83-F MINI PC is loaded with useful connectivity options. It has a robust collection of ports than you’d find on most laptops, and stacks up well against full-size laptops. The system boasts a pair of USB 2.0 ports, a single USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port (with 4K support), an SD card slot, a VGA port, an Ethernet port and a headphone-microphone combo.

For wireless connectivity, there’s a dual-band (2.4G + 5.8G) 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi adapter and Bluetooth 4.0. The Z83-F also features a dual-array front mic, which is another benefit as you can utilize Windows 10’s Cortana voice features.

Z83-F MINI PCPerformance

On this version of the Z83-F MINI PC, there’s a 1.92GHz Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor, 4GB RAM, Intel HD 500 graphics and 64GB flash storage that can be expanded to 128GB via an SD card. With this configuration, this system isn’t a powerhouse, obviously, but has a lot going on its favor, especially on price and size. In testing, it fared much better than matching full desktop, and in fact better in some cases.


With this feature set, you can setup theZ83-F MINI PC as a secondary streaming device in your house, for instance, or carry it along with you to connect to a display and show a PowerPoint presentation or demo. Its Intel HD 500 graphics card doesn’t allow for gaming and can’t sustain 3D programs as well, –we’re yet to find a pint-sized gaming PC yet.

Bottom Line

The Atom-powered Z83-F MINI PC isn’t going to be your most powerful purchase yet, but it will handle your average daily activities and media streaming without much delay. If you don’t mind paying for speed, the Asus VivoMini is a safe buy, with its Core i5 processor is definitely faster and has 500GB of storage.

That said, the Z83-F Mini can’t serve as the main PC for most users, but the value, versatility and flexibility it offers means it can afford to fill multiple roles, as long as your needs aren’t complex.

Z83-F MINI PC Review
Z83-F MINI PC Review
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